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Secure Systems
Practical Security Solutions
DLP and isolation technologies      
•  Secure authentication and access to Windows  
Quick and easy access to multiple computers and Windows accounts with a single secure device. More...
•  Disk and file/folder Encryption service  
  Transparent hard drive and file/folder encryption with variety of options. More...  
•  Most convenient and complete Single-Sign-On  
Store all your passwords on a portable secure device and forget about manual password typing. More...
•  Enterprise extension for data security and control  
Control, synchronize and update user devices within an enterprise. More...
ControlSphere DLP is a centrally managed client-server Data Leakage Prevention solution which secures sensitive company data by encrypting and isolating sensitive data. Files and company data become protected from unauthorized copying and distribution by employees.
SafeExplorer allows effective WEB browser sandboxing, which isolates instances of WEB browsers from local system resources. This technology makes it impossible for viruses or malicious software to infiltrate actual file system or programs should internal protection of a WEB browser fail.

Biometrics is a future of authentication. It can efficiently extend or replace other authentication methods, bringing both convenience and security.

We offer standalone or combined face, voice, and fingerprint authentication solutions for both computer and physical access control.

ControlSphere BioSignOn solution replaces the need of remembering and typing any passwords. More...

BioAccess solution provides physical access control functionality based on biometric verification. More...

ControlSphere is fully compatible with Windows 8
SafeExplorer: effective WEB browser isolation
SSO functionality for SAP and Java programs
ControlSphere DLP version 2.0
New OEM product for charismathics GmbH
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